Debbie Hagen

Space in Monday's CTF Part 1 Transition Course

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Mar 8, 2017

Hi Folks,

I just checked and we have space in our Apptio CTF r11 to v12 Transition Short Course on Monday morning London time. This class is for  TBMAs who have already taken Cost Transparency Part 1 on r11, and are now  preparing to move to v12.  It's a workshop where you'll be introduced to the v12 environment and have an opportunity to build up a CT Foundation project in v12.  This particular session is March 13 at 7am (GMT).  But note there are other sessions below.   AAEP holders can register for these sessions in ApptioU and there are a few spaces available for non-AAEP holders.   NOTE: The times shown are in PST, so be sure to check your local times when you login to ApptioU to sign up.




This session is not intended for brand new Apptio users starting with v12, it's meant for folks who took CTF Part 1 in r11 and would just like a couple of hours of hands on with the new version.  If you are new to Apptio and implementing v12 straightaway, you should register for the Cost Transparency on TBM Studio-v12 course