New course: Front door (Admin Console) Essentials Training

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Mar 2, 2017

In support of the recent release of Apptio v12.2 and its exciting capabilities,  we here at Apptio University are pleased to announce the addition of a new self-paced course - Admin Console Essentials. 

Apptio's Admin Console allows TBMAs and all users streamlined access to Apptio applications and user management areas. As an everyday user, you'll enjoy a single login page and a single page to access all of your Apptio applications. As a TBMA administrator you'll benefit from a common user management area and easy access to audit logs and usage reports. 

In the Admin Console Essentials self-paced training,  Admins  learn how to edit users, grant access to environments and run reports while all users learn how to login, navigate and change their passwords. 

Take a few minutes, 32 to be exact, to get yourself up-to-speed on the benefits and features of the Apptio Admin Console. View the course by clicking here If you are an AAEP holder and want this course to be recorded in your learner transcript, click here to launch the course in Apptio University.


Length: 32 minutes


Format: Self-paced


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course is an optional course