New Course: CT Apps and Services R12 - Services Reports Overview

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Oct 11, 2016

The CT Apps and Services -  Services Reports Overview will provide a foundation for your monthly review of business service costs. You begin to analyze period over period outliers and view increasing cost trends with focus on core cost, infrastructure breakdown costs, tower/sub-tower cost and consumption growth. 


Enroll in CT Apps and Services - Service Reports Overview when you are ready to see the reports that will help you to adjust costs and service of misaligned service levels or eliminate underutilized assets. 


Length: 20-25 minutes


Format: self-paced


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Reporting: Part 1 suggested


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Cost Transparency v12 Navigator learning path in theApptio Recognized TBMA certification.