New Course - Introduction to DataLink 4

Blog Post created by SWallner@apptio.com Employee on Oct 4, 2016

DataLink 4 is a service for securely and automatically extracting data from your source systems and uploading it into your Apptio instance. Awareness about automating data loading is an important part of becoming an Elite TBMA. 


In the Introduction to DataLink 4 recorded webinar, Apptio consultants, Josh Roberto Josh Roberto and Michael Daughtry Michael Daughtry, guide you through an overview of DataLink 4 and demonstrate with Amazon Web Services how to choose and set up a connector and confirm that the data was loaded into Apptio.


 View the course here: Introduction to DataLink 4 (30 min.) . If you are an AAEP holder and need this course to be recorded on your learner transcript, click here to launch the course in Apptio University


Length: 30 minutes


Format: Recorded Webinar


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Cost Transparency Foundation Part 1 suggested


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Data component of the Elite TBMA Certification.