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Calling all TBMAs* ... Join Jonathan Strauss Jonathan Strauss for the best 5 minutes of your day and learn to create a binary filter. This will save you precious time and energy!


Suppose your report requester has asked that you not show values below a certain value on their report. Instead of creating a filter on each row, use this technique to create a binary filter (synthetic flag) to filter many rows. These can also be used on your dataset transforms.  


Creating a Binary Filter in v11


Creating a Binary Filter in v12


*Sparks are short, just-in-time videos available in Apptio University with your All Access Education Pass (AAEP).


We are pleased to announce the Elite TBMA Reporting and Troubleshooting exam is now available.  


Get ready to showcase your TBM skills in this practical, hands-on exam! First, the exam requires you create a report based on a common use case - you can choose from two. Next, you will repair any problems - perhaps problems with formulas, custom reporting perspectives, master data set mapping just to name a few -  in the project that prevent you from effectively creating the report. Finally, you will prepare a presentation, with either audio or a written script, that tells the story of the report you created. 


We've designed the  exam so you can demonstrate your ability to interpret a business case, construct a report that report viewers find useful and relevant, evaluate an Apptio project utilizing troubleshooting techniques and best practices as well as displaying your presentation skills. 


Please follow the instructions below to receive the logon details and gain access to the project in which you will complete the exam. Steps in bold type require an action from you.

Step 1: After completing the seven courses in the Reporting and Troubleshooting segments of the Elite TBMA learning pathregister for the Reporting and Troubleshooting exam by clicking HERE.


Step 2: You will receive a return email within one (1) business day from with the URL, username password and project name.


Step 3: Log in to the project and complete the exam.


Step 4: Upon completion of the exam requirements, upload your presentation file  and paste the report URL to the "Documents Upload" section of the "Reporting and Troubleshooting Exam" in the Apptio Learning Management System.


Step 5: Within 3 business days you will receive an email from that contains your exam results.


Are you ready? Your eligibility is simple: complete the seven (7)  Reporting and Troubleshooting courses in the Elite TBMA learning path. Click HERE for  exam instructions and registration.


We appreciate your efforts and the time you have taken to complete the requirements for this exam.


Our team wishes you the best of luck!

Apptio's Education Services Team

For those of you who are working toward your Apptio Elite TBMA Certification I have exciting news to share.  The Data and Modeling exam is now available.


The Data and Modeling exam incorporates your Apptio experience with the materials from both the Data and the Modeling columns in the Elite TBMA learning path. After completing both those sections you will be eligible to take the exam.  In this 25 question multiple choice exam, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the following concepts:

  • managing your data in a functioning project including
    • Database relationships
    • Advanced Data Transformations
    • Versioning your data
    • improving data cleanliness
  • advanced data transformation topics such as
    • Use Map Table
    • Collapse Grid by
    • Manage Unique Row Filter
    • Using metafields to improve keys and Identifiers
  • Allocation improvement strategies
    • allocation strategies
    • validating and improving allocations
    • impacts of low quality allocations
  • using data link to automate your data load process
  • Changes you can make to improve model performance
    • how to identify poor model performance
    • Assignment ration tables and .DrillTos
    • Modeling best practices.

Apptio's TBM Studio R12 is built to manage the business of technology and includes everything you need to transform raw data into actionable analytics for your entire IT organization.

Our new instructor led course Cost Transparency on TBM Studio R12 guides you through the three core TBM Studio essentials: Data, Modeling and Reporting. You'll learn how to bring the right data together and enhance it as you go. You'll begin building a flexible cost model based on industry standards. You'll navigate interactive reports that let you customize your own analysis. 


Length: Three (3) days


Format: Instructor-led webinar


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Supporting an IT Leadership TBM review (ITLTR) suggested


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Cost Transparency R12 Navigator learning path in the Apptio Recognized TBMA certification.

For most updated information, please see Now Available: Learning Content for RTBMA 2019 and DataLink Knowledge Base.

DataLink 4 is a service for securely and automatically extracting data from your source systems and uploading it into your Apptio instance. Awareness about automating data loading is an important part of becoming an Elite TBMA. 


In the Introduction to DataLink 4 recorded webinar, Apptio consultants, Josh Roberto Josh Roberto and Michael Daughtry Michael Daughtry, guide you through an overview of DataLink 4 and demonstrate with Amazon Web Services how to choose and set up a connector and confirm that the data was loaded into Apptio.


 View the course here: Introduction to DataLink 4 (30 min.) . If you are an AAEP holder and need this course to be recorded on your learner transcript, click here to launch the course in Apptio University


Length: 30 minutes


Format: Recorded Webinar


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Cost Transparency Foundation Part 1 suggested