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Hello TBM Heroes!

Just wanted to share that I am teaching an Apptio Studio class that still has lots of space in it.  This class is being offered September 19th-22nd, 7-10pm Pacific time in order to accommodate our Asia Pacific customers, but of course any AAEP holder is welcome to sign up. 


Maybe you are on the US West Coast and like to take classes in the evening so you don't get interrupted by your day job, or maybe you're a night owl on the East Coast... or maybe you are a super early riser in EMEA. Whatever the case, if you are interested in this session just email  We're in the middle of transitioning to our new LMS, so we have a temporary process in place.


Recommended prerequisites: 

CTF1, Supporting and ITLTR and Reporting 1


Feel free to contact me or with any questions.   Hope to see you in class!

Debbie Hagen


TBM Practitioners in Australia

Pete Fish

Terry Crawford-Smith