Advanced Webinar Series: Deconstructing a Report

Blog Post created by JGoodwin@apptio.com Employee on Aug 26, 2016

THIS RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN APPTIO U!  Click HERE to access the recorded session.


I am so excited to announce our latest Advanced Webinar, Deconstructing a Report, presented by Jonathan Strauss Jonathan Strauss, Customer Success Manager.  This class is so RELEVANT!  Just yesterday I had someone ask me a question that this course answers. 


So, what is Deconstructing a Report all about?!?  


It's about being able to confidently understand, explain and defend the numbers in your Apptio reports.


In this course, Jonathan will:

  • Explain how to deconstruct a report to determine exactly where the numbers are coming from
  • Show you how to work backwards from the report to identify which data/models/allocations are building it's content
  • Increase your confidence in answering questions about reports in an accurate and defensible way
  • Enable you to build/strengthen stakeholder and end user buy-in and confidence


I love this webinar because it brings together skills you have learned in each of the Navigator courses and shows you how to apply them in a scenario that you likely have experienced or will experience in your role as a TBMA.


Please join us on September 13th @ 12:30 PM ET as Jonathan Strauss teaches us the what, why and how of deconstructing a report.


This webinar fulfills a requirement in the Reporting arm of the Elite TBMA certification.


As with our other Advanced Webinars, this session was recorded and is now available in Apptio University. 


Click HERE to access the recorded session.


This was a great session Jonathan Strauss!  Enjoy!!  

Jenny Goodwin