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New Course - Advanced Data Transformation

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Aug 12, 2016



Are you an experienced TBMA who has been working with your model for a while and want to learn more about ways to improve your project through Data Transformation?  If so, this session is for you.  Click here to view the recorded session.


This session was  presented live by Amber Poe, Amber Poe, a Consultant working on our Platform team.  She regularly works with customers who are doing deployments that go beyond the what you might run into with just the out of the box Jumpstart Cost Transparency deployment.  While some of these topics look similar to some of the topics in the Advanced Data Management session, this session differs in that it focuses more on how and when to use which features and functions versus others.


In this session you'll learn about:

  • Transforming data to create a Use Map Table
  • When to use LookupEx vs TableMatch
  • Resizing Numeric Columns after Transformation
  • How and when to use Collapse Grid by Transformation
  • Uses of Manage Unique Row Filter
  • Utilizing Metafields to improve keys and identifiers


Length: approximately 1 hour


Format: Self-paced (recorded webinar session)



Prerequisites: Cost Transparency Foundation Part 1 (Recommended)


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Data component of the Elite TBMA Certification



Thanks again to Amber Poe for once again providing us with a great session. We'd love to hear your feedback about this course.  There is an associated quiz that you'll want to take if you are working toward your Elite TBMA Certification.

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