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As we transition to our new learning system, there will be a short pause in self-registration for classes.

Between now and mid-September, if you would like to sign up for a class (see pdf of September & October), please email with the Course Title and Date of class. You will receive an email that confirms your registration.

Mid-September, you will receive your login information for the new learning system. At that time, self-registration will be enabled again.

Thank you for your patience while we improve your learning experience!


Apptio University


*Please note that these classes are subject to change, and if so, you will receive an email.

THIS RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN APPTIO U!  Click HERE to access the recorded session.


I am so excited to announce our latest Advanced Webinar, Deconstructing a Report, presented by Jonathan Strauss Jonathan Strauss, Customer Success Manager.  This class is so RELEVANT!  Just yesterday I had someone ask me a question that this course answers. 


So, what is Deconstructing a Report all about?!?  


It's about being able to confidently understand, explain and defend the numbers in your Apptio reports.


In this course, Jonathan will:

  • Explain how to deconstruct a report to determine exactly where the numbers are coming from
  • Show you how to work backwards from the report to identify which data/models/allocations are building it's content
  • Increase your confidence in answering questions about reports in an accurate and defensible way
  • Enable you to build/strengthen stakeholder and end user buy-in and confidence


I love this webinar because it brings together skills you have learned in each of the Navigator courses and shows you how to apply them in a scenario that you likely have experienced or will experience in your role as a TBMA.


Please join us on September 13th @ 12:30 PM ET as Jonathan Strauss teaches us the what, why and how of deconstructing a report.


This webinar fulfills a requirement in the Reporting arm of the Elite TBMA certification.


As with our other Advanced Webinars, this session was recorded and is now available in Apptio University. 


Click HERE to access the recorded session.


This was a great session Jonathan Strauss!  Enjoy!!  

Jenny Goodwin




Are you an experienced TBMA who has been working with your model for a while and want to learn more about ways to improve your project through Data Transformation?  If so, this session is for you.  Click here to view the recorded session.


This session was  presented live by Amber Poe, Amber Poe, a Consultant working on our Platform team.  She regularly works with customers who are doing deployments that go beyond the what you might run into with just the out of the box Jumpstart Cost Transparency deployment.  While some of these topics look similar to some of the topics in the Advanced Data Management session, this session differs in that it focuses more on how and when to use which features and functions versus others.


In this session you'll learn about:

  • Transforming data to create a Use Map Table
  • When to use LookupEx vs TableMatch
  • Resizing Numeric Columns after Transformation
  • How and when to use Collapse Grid by Transformation
  • Uses of Manage Unique Row Filter
  • Utilizing Metafields to improve keys and identifiers


Length: approximately 1 hour


Format: Self-paced (recorded webinar session)



Prerequisites: Cost Transparency Foundation Part 1 (Recommended)


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Data component of the Elite TBMA Certification



Thanks again to Amber Poe for once again providing us with a great session. We'd love to hear your feedback about this course.  There is an associated quiz that you'll want to take if you are working toward your Elite TBMA Certification.

Elite TBMA 2016 Logo.png

Hello TBM Heroes!

Just wanted to get it out there that we have a Cost Transparency Foundation Part 1 class that still has lots of space in it.  This class is being offered at August 23-25th, 7-10pm Pacific time in order to accommodate our Asia Pacific customers, but of course any AAEP holder is welcome to sign up. 


Maybe you are on the US West Coast and like to take classes in the evening so you don't get interrupted by your day job, or maybe you're a night owl on the East Coast... or maybe you are a super early riser in EMEA. Whatever the case, if you are interested in this session just click here to register. 


Feel free to contact me or with any questions.   Hope to see you in class!

Debbie Hagen


Hello everyone. This is Jesse. One of the Instructional Designers on Apptio's Customer Culture team. We hope you’ve had a great summer so far. Your Apptio University team has been hard at work. Specifically, we’ve been up to our elbows creating the Recognized Technology Business Management Analyst 2016 (RTBMA16) exam.

Why did we create the RTBMA16 exam?

Earlier this summer, Apptio released Version 12 - with significant enhancements! With Our goals of providing up-to-date courseware and an RTBMA exam that reflects the current state of TBM and the Apptio platform, our team has developed the RTBMA16 exam.

How does this apply to me?

RTBMA is an annually renewable title. If you are RTBMA15 you will need to uplift to RTBMA16. If you have not achieved RTBMA15 as of Sept 1, you will need to take the RTBMA16 exam. THE RTBMA15 exam retires on Sept 1.

What do I need to do? Review the options below.

Option 1

 I am an RTBMA15. How do I uplift my RTBMA15 title to RTBMA16? 



How do I uplift from RTBMA 15 to RTBMA 16?

Easy. Complete the four items below.


V12 Awareness Videos

This series of self-paced course guides you through the various improvements in V12.

CTF Part 2

This course guides you through more advanced concepts while building out your CTF model.


This course guides you through the IT Leadership Review process.


RTBMA Uplift Quiz

This tests your knowledge of the V12 improvements, CTF Part 2 and ITLTR.


Option 2

 I want to become an RTBMA. How do I get RTBMA16 title?

                Are you V11 or V12?

If V11- 


I want to become an RTBMA16 on V11?

Easy. Complete the four items below.


Navigator V11

These courses provide you with the skills necessary in your TBM journey.


RTBMA16 V11 Quiz

This tests your knowledge of TBM and Apptio’s V11 functionality.


If v12 - 


I want to become an RTBMA16 on V12

Easy. Complete the items below.


Navigator V12

These courses provide you with the skills necessary in your TBM journey.


RTBMA16 V12 Quiz

This tests your knowledge of the TBM and the V12 platform.


So take a few minutes to review the materials above. Then jump in and start the courses  that will help kickstart your TBM journey.