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So suppose you've read my blog post to Create a Custom Report collection and now you'd like a fancy icon to display as part of your report collection.... in today's blogpost I'm going to show you how to add an icon that will display in the Report Finder.


So lets assume you've already created your own Custom report collection.  It will appear as follows in the report finder.


Now suppose you want to change the icon representing your collection so you can more easily spot your collection when scrolling through the report finder.


First, click on the Report Dropdown or Actions menu and choose "Report Collections".


In the Manage Report Collections dialog, click on the name of your collection and the binoculars to open the Icon Experience.

Once there, you can search for the icon you'd like. and click on it to open it up in various sizes. Then right click to capture the image address for the image you'd like.  *Note this may be different in certain browsers. In IE for example you need to go to properties and copy the URL from the Properties window.


Once you've captured the URL, return to your Apptio Tab and to the Manage Report Collections dialog box. Ensure your Custom Report Collection is selected and click the pencil to edit the icon path.


Finally, paste the URL that you captured, into the edit box and click OK.

Now, go back to the Report finder, and search for your Report Collection...


As you learned in the CTF Reporting classes through Apptio University, if you have an icon you would like to use, you can leverage it as long as it's accessible to all users of the product. You just need to input the correct path, and ensure all report users have access to that path.


I hope you found this blogpost useful.


Thanks for learning with Apptio Education Services.