Existing Course: Introduction to Finance

Blog Post created by SWallner@apptio.com Employee on Apr 25, 2016


It’s always fun as an Instructional Designer when the pieces of a course fall into place. Daniel Westfahl, Daniel Westfahl, a Senior Consultant here at Apptio, approached us about a Finance course that we knew right away would be beneficial to our IT Operations customers. If you are an IT Ops person with a limited finance background this course is for you. This short 24 minute course will help you converse with your IT Finance colleagues in useful ways. Daniel’s personality shines through as he walks through terms, statements, and relevant IT scenarios linking everything back to that most important concept: The Matching Principle. Not sure what that is? Take Introduction to Finance and find out! I’d love to hear if this course helped boost your understanding of Finance.

Introduction to Finance is also available to your stakeholders via this link.

Length: 24 minutes


Format: Web based training


Audience: Anyone interested in Apptio or TBM


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Explorer series of the Recognized TBMA Title.