TBM Talk Episode 1: Advanced Finance TBM Topics

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Episode 1: Advanced Finance TBM Topics


This week I had the pleasure of recording the very first episode of the Apptio University Podcast: TBM Talk. This episode highlights 5 common questions in the Finance and TBM realm. Apptio's Dominic Calvert-Lee and Daniel Westfahl) were on hand with answers.


Play TBM Talk: Episode 1


In this episode (26:16)

01:00 - Why does Apptio have both an OpEx model and a CapEx model?

07:12 - What's a capitalized lease and how should I handle it?

11:06 - How do I deal with a capitalized project?

16:18 - What's the relationship between Cost Centers and Cost Pools?

19:56 - Cross-charging is already going on at my company. How do I deal with internal allocations?

Music by http://www.bensound.com


Length: 25 minutes


Format: Audio Podcast


Audience: TBMAs


PrerequisitesIntroduction to Finance recommended


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for ETBMA certification.


Let us know what you think! Add a comment and tell us what other topics you'd like to see featured on TBM Talk.