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New Course - Advanced Data Management

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Apr 14, 2016


You may be looking for some courses and information that will get you deeper into best practices for supporting and managing your Data in Apptio. If that sounds like you, then this course is just what you're looking for.  Originally offered as a live webinar, we've taken the Advanced Data Management session and converted it to a self-paced class you can review at your convenience.  In the Advanced Data Management course you'll explore:

  • Database Relationships
  • Advanced Data Transformations
  • Documenting data sets
  • Data versioning
  • Understanding and Identifying Hybrid tables
  • Ways to improve your data cleanliness



Length: 90 minutes


Format: Self-paced (recorded webinar session)


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Elite TBMA Certification.


Special thanks to Customer Success Manager, Joel DeWitt and Delivery Consultant, Amber Poe who served as presenters and subject matter experts for this session.  .


I'd love to hear your feedback on these sessions!

Debbie Hagen