Existing Course: Introduction to Apptio and TBM

Blog Post created by rhonda Employee on Apr 4, 2016


The old approach where IT was an enabling function, serving internal customers with a centralized, company-owned technology platform is losing traction. It’s no longer sufficient for IT leaders to focus only on CapEx spend or communicate in terms that only other IT professionals understand. Modern IT leaders must adapt.

Unlike most corporate functions such as finance, sales, and manufacturing, IT has always lacked purpose-built business systems for their area.


The Introduction to Apptio and TBM course introduces you to the discipline of managing the business of IT. You will learn about Apptio’s suite of SaaS applications for automating TBM and how Apptio empowers common roles in IT. In addition, the course covers how you can maximize your success by adopting TBM processes, and how you can connect with other practitioners.


Length: 20 minutes


Format: Web based training


Audience: Anyone interested in Apptio or TBM


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Explorer series of the Recognized TBMA Title.