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Have you ever been trying to copy parts of your model or rebuilding your model and you had several filters you needed to replicate? My colleague Mark Nealey, a Senior Technical Architect with Apptio, recently reminded us internally of a great time saving tip I'd like to share with all of you.


Suppose you have 5 objects that you wanted to set several filters for, and they were mostly the same filter....

Or, maybe you are trying to copy parts of your model that contained a bunch of filters...

Rather than create them all from scratch you can use this little trick to replicate and edit.  In the Specify Filters window, you'll select the Copy all filters to clipboard button

replicate filters.png


Then in the Specify Filters window for the new object, you choose the Paste all filters from the clipboard option.

paste filters.png

This adds all of the copied filters to your new object.  From there, you can edit or delete unneeded line items.

delete filters.png

I hope you find this little time saver useful.


Thanks for learning with Apptio Education Services!


Apptio Education Services provides three key offerings

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has the TBM knowledge and Apptio product skills

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The All Access Education Pass (AAEP)

Is designed For TBMAs, Technology Business Management Analysts or the individual(s) who will manage your Apptio instance and maintain your users, model, and reports

  • Education through a personal subscription
    • Unlike a traditional education model, where you pay-per-seat for a one-time training event, a personal subscription provides one individual with unlimited education access for the duration of the subscription
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    • Live instructor-led online courses
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    • Recognized TBMA accreditation
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  • Personal subscriptions are per person and nontransferable after use
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Private Classes

Educate Project Teams with 3 days of private education exclusively for your organization. An experienced Apptio instructor can train members of your Apptio project team virtually in our online classroom, or onsite at your facility.

These sessions typically include:

  • Introduction to Apptio and TBM
  • Foundation Apptio usage and navigation
  • Apptio report creation and usage


Custom Communication Plan and End User Education

Educate and excite your user community with a custom communication plan and end user education. We will work with you to adjust our proven solution adoption messages into the wording and delivery mechanisms that work best for your audience. We’ll also provide end-user education that you can deliver or that one of our instructors can deliver for you.


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Apptio University is pleased to announce the release of the Effective Presentations course. The Effective Presentations course teaches TBMAs and other presenters how to prepare for, develop, and deliver effective presentations. Through this instructor presentation, participants will learn how to use nerves to improve presentations, choose appropriate media and delivery methods, exhibit excellent physical presentations skills, present to adults, and manage participants.



I’m Alison Pumma, Apptio Education Services Instructional Designer, and I had the pleasure of working with our Senior Instructor, Paolo Coppa, during the development of this course. Together, we have created a recorded course that is designed to help you improve your development and delivery of group presentations. Sign up for Effective Presentations to learn presentation techniques.


Length: 1.45 hours


Format: Recorded video


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Adoption component of the Elite TBMA Certification.


We hope you enjoy the course and look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!


Apptio University is pleased to announce the release of Environment Management, a quick 8-minute course that visually explains Apptio environments and projects. Get clarity around the three-tiered project structure, the purpose of the DEV, STAGE, and PROD environments, and the importance of mastered projects. You’ll publish your projects more confidently after taking this course and transform your understanding from “Say what?” to “I got it!” As the Instructional Designer, I had the pleasure of working with Apptio Technical Architect, John Adipietro, on this one. Launch this course now. I'd love to hear your feedback.