Debbie Hagen

Order matters when Registering for ApptioU Classes

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Feb 26, 2016

Hi Folks,

I learned something today about our LMS (Apptio U) that I wanted to share with you because it may impact your acceptance into classes.  The tip is... just like in your formulas in Apptio, order of operations matters.


You can login to ApptioU and register for several classes in the same visit, however, it's important that you pay attention to the prerequisites and register in the order you'll be taking the class.


Here's an example:

I want to take Reporting 1 the week of April 25th and CTF the week of April 11th.  I can register for Reporting 1, even though I haven't yet attended CTF.  However, it's important that in the LMS, I first register for CTF, then request Reporting 1.  This will set my status to "Pending Prerequisite" and I'll automatically be added to the Reporting 1 class as soon as I complete the CTF class. This also holds your spot in the second class.  You are listed on the roster as pending prerequisite so your seat in the class is held.

What happens if you register in reverse order?

If instead, same classes, same dates, but you went into Apptio U and first signed up for Reporting 1, then signed up for CTF, the LMS adds you to the "requests exception" list. Unfortunately that list doesn't know when you've completed the CTF class so it doesn't hold your spot and you may not get into the class.


Happy TBM Journeys!