New Courses! IT Planning Foundation: Asset Planning and Contract Planning

Blog Post created by SWallner@apptio.com Employee on Feb 11, 2016


I’m pleased to announce that Apptio University has added two short courses to the IT Planning Foundation Training series - Asset Planning and Contract Planning.


With the new Asset planning feature, you can:

  • Enter or Import a list of current assets and relevant attributes
  • Forecast the purchase and deployment of new assets
  • Automatically generate depreciation expense for both current and forecasted assets
  • Automatically generate CapEx line items for forecasted asset purchases
  • View the depreciation expense impact of both current and forecasted asset purchases on their operating budget


With the new Contract planning feature, you can:

  • Enter or Import a list of contracts and relevant attributes
  • Manage contracts that span multiple years - only the portion of the contract expense that impacts the current plan year will be included in the OpEx plan
  • See which contracts are up for renewal within the plan year and the total amount represented by those renewing contracts
  • Model the impact of renewing (or not renewing) contracts on your overall budget, as well as whether those contracts renew at a higher (or lower) rate
  • Automatically handle the amortization of pre-paid contracts, so that your OpEx budget matches how contract actuals will be reported
  • Drill down to see specific vendor and the cost breakdown of individual contracts


Length: Approximately 10 minutes each


Format: Web-based training


Audience: Budget Process Owners, Admins


Prerequisites: None


As always Sandeep Menon and I would love to hear your feedback.