Debbie Hagen

What happens if your schedule changes and you can't make a class for which you are registered?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jan 25, 2016

It happens to everyone.  You sign up to take a class and then your regular job gets in the way and you find you won't be able to make that scheduled class.  The great news is that with an AAEP (All Access Education Pass), you can just sign up to take the course at a later date. There is no penalty for missing a class and you can take it when it better fits into your schedule.


Sometimes you don't know until the last minute that you won't be able to attend and that's fine.  But sometimes you find out in advance.  For those of you who know in advance that you'll need to reschedule, I'd like to ask a favor.  If you could just login to the LMS and withdraw from the class it will free up your space for someone who may be on the waitlist.


After Logging into the LMS, you just go to Learning>View Transcript and click the drop-down next to the course name.  Then select the Withdraw option.




You'll select a reason for your withdrawal and you can add comments if you choose. It only takes a few moments and your fellow TBMAs and Apptio AAEP holders who get the opportunity to attend their preferred class will thank you.


Cheers and thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for learning with Apptio Education Services.