Become an Apptio Certified Elite TBMA in 2016

Blog Post created by rhonda Employee on Dec 4, 2015

Update: view the latest certification details here.


Certification Behind the Scenes

At the beginning of 2015 we outlined our intent to create the Apptio Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) accreditation program and the second, more advanced Elite TBMA Certification (ETBMA). Since then, it has been our privilege and honestly our pleasure to help Apptio customers gain career defining skills and earn the Recognized TBMA title. If you're one of the individuals who has already earned RTBMA, you know that we are genuinely fueled by your success.


In the past six months we've observed the impact of RTBMA. We've seen RTBMA logos loaded to signature files and LinkedIn profiles and have met with RTBMAs successfully supporting TBM adoption in their organizations. The momentum of the RTBMA program has made it even more important for us to ensure the Elite TBMA Certification is:

  • Sufficiently advanced to support the growing knowledge and skill needs of our RTBMAs.
  • Both valuable enough and strenuous enough to capture market respect.


To meet these requirements, we:

  • Analyzed the skill sets of deeply experienced, highly successful TBMAs.
  • Talked to Apptio product experts to identify the advanced areas of knowledge that yield the highest return.
  • Polled leaders in Technology Business Management about the necessary knowledge and skills for success.
  • Asked our RTBMA's via an exclusive Community group, "what would you like to learn, next? How can we continue to support your success?"


Our research culminated in enough spreadsheets to make us wish Apptio had an app for skills mapping but ultimately our findings fell into 5 distinct groupings. If you've been following ETBMA plans from the beginning, you know that we originally drafted the areas of proficiency around high level descriptors like "optimizer, and communicator" but pointing back to the need to ensure this certification is sufficiently advanced, and based on our post-RTBMA research, we've defined the final ETBMA areas against real-world skill requirements. The learning hours originally defined are roughly the same but we've tweaked the content toward more advanced concepts and specific skills.



Looking ahead

We honored our first ever Recognized TBMAs at TBMC15 in Chicago. We would like to award the first Elite TBMAs at TBMC16. Thank you for helping us define a category, advance TBM, and establish the Elite TBMA certification.


- Rhonda Keller Rhonda Keller

Director, Education Services