Existing Course - Introduction to IT Operations

Blog Post created by APumma@apptio.com Employee on Nov 18, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that the self-paced Introduction to IT Operations course is now available. This course is a great starting place for those individuals who are new to IT and IT Operations and will help you gain a better understanding of Operations technology.  After taking this course, you’ll better understand how all the pieces fit together to provide services, such as email, to the business.  You’ll also have a general command of typical IT Operations terminology and towers, which will help you feel more confident when sitting in Technology Business Management meetings with your IT counterparts.


I’m Alison Pumma, Alison Pumma, Apptio Education Service Instructional Designer, and I was lucky to work with Debbie Hagen, Debbie Hagen, Senior Instructor, on converting our instructor led course to this easy to understand self-paced version.  Offering this as a self-paced course makes it so much easier for folks who are new to Apptio, TBM, and IT Operations, to get a running start as you can take this class at any time! We both hope that you enjoy the course and will provide your feedback.

Introduction to IT Operations is also available to your stakeholders via this link.


Length: 20 minutes


Format: Web-based Training


Audience: Anyone interested in Apptio or TBM


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Explorer series of the Recognized TBMA Title.