TBM Conference 2015: Apptio University course materials

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Nov 6, 2015

So you’re home. The suitcase is unpacked and the laundry put in the basket. You’ve weeded out all of the surplus conference detritus you inadvertently brought home and hung the conference badge up with its new companions. Now what? Oh hang on, there’s just a few more things to do.


Allow yourself a few minutes to reflect on the Apptio University presentations attached here. What did you learn from them? If there are changes that you need to make to your TBM project(s), note them now before you forget.

If you missed any of the Apptio University sessions at TBMC. Don't worry, we're adding them to Apptio U soon so that you can attend the courses with your All Access Education Pass (AAEP). In the interim, feel free to reach out on community to any of the Apptio University staff. We'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for attending TBMC 2015,

Apptio University