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Create a custom report collection

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Nov 3, 2015

Greetings all!

It's been a whirlwind month or so. First I was on holiday in South America and when I returned we were getting ready for the TBM Conference in Chicago - what a fun and informative week!  I hope those of you who were able to attend truly enjoyed it.


Anyway, I think I'm more or less back to a normal schedule and wanted to start my blogposts again.  In the Reporting 1 class, we teach you how to add your report to a report collection and I've already posted a blogpost showing you how if you have admin rights, you can add the Collection Navigator to your own report. Another question I'm often asked with regard to Report Collections is whether you can create your own custom collections.  Well, the answer is - yes you can, and in this blogpost I'll show you how.


To create a custom report collection, you start with the Project Dropdown or Actions menu and select Report Collections.

In the Manage Report Collections dialog, you can select an existing collection and specify which of the reports within that collection are displayed or not displayed in the navigator.


To create a new collection, Click the Add Collection Button.

This creates a new collection called "New report collection".  If you'd like to edit the name of your collection, you'll need to close the dialog, then reopen the Manage Report Collections Dialog from the Project Actions menu.  Once you are back in the dialog, you can scroll to find your "New report collection", select it, and then click the pencil next to the Report Collection name to edit it.


You now have a Custom collection and you can follow the steps you learned in Reporting 1 (or search the help) to add reports to your Custom Report Collection.

You can also delete your custom report collections if you no longer wish to use them but you can't delete OOTB Reports.


Thanks for learning with Apptio Education Services.


Debbie Hagen

Debbie Hagen