All Access Education Pass (AAEP) Overview

Blog Post created by rhonda Employee on Nov 3, 2015

One of the many things I love about working for Apptio is that this organization genuinely understands the value of empowering customers with career defining technology and skills. A great example of this is our individual subscription approach to education called the AAEP.


If you’re considering an AAEP either for yourself or to enable team members, we’d love to add individuals from your organization to our list of satisfied pass holders. We not only delight in, but it is our mission to create TBM Heroes. It’s a privilege to meet our new AAEP holders as they begin their foundation courses and an honor to cheer on advanced pass holders as they earn industry recognition and help transform their organizations.


Following is a deeper dive into the AAEP program. You can find quick stats here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a note in the comments or email university@apptio.com. I'm looking forward to talking to you.




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Rhonda Keller

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What is a personal subscription?

In a traditional education model, pricing is still "personal" or charged per person. But the costs are typically per person for a one-time training event. However, in a world where technology is consistently advancing and TBM understanding is evolving, having access to education for a limited number of days is not a great solution. To ensure customers have ongoing access to the best and latest education, Apptio offers individuals a subscription to all of the education in Apptio University, rather than limiting access to one piece of learning at a time.


How does this compare to traditional per-seat pricing

Since we’re constantly refreshing and adding to the AAEP catalog, there will be approximately 100 education hours available to AAEP holders by the end of 2015 or roughly 15 standard training days. In a traditional pricing model, three weeks of technical education ending in a certification is typically valued at $15K USD or more per-person.


Remember that the goal of the education subscription is to make high quality education constantly accessible. Thus, Apptio assumes a considerable amount of the cost in this model. Rather than 15 days for $15K, we provide individuals with a full year of education access for significantly less. For details on AAEP pricing, email university@apptio.com.


Apptio is committed to keeping industry best practice and product education accessible. Thus, It’s reasonable to assume the AAEP will continue to be heavily discounted, but it will likely increase a little each year as the catalog continues to grow. Customers who purchase multi-year passes have the benefit of locking in future years at the current rate.


Does every TBMA need a subscription? Can we get one pass and transfer it around the organization?

The individual subscription model, at its heavily discounted rate, is designed for single users. Pass sharing is not permitted. In addition, in the same way that purchasing a seat in a one-time training event does not provide an organization with free seats for other employees in all future events, companies may not transfer passes from one employee to another after use.


How long does it take to learn the basics of Apptio?

Apptio is designed to be user friendly, so basic education on the product’s rich feature set can be completed in around 30 hours. However, the Apptio suite of products are purpose built to support Technology Business Management. Thus, successful Apptio power users understand not only the Apptio technology, but the discipline of TBM. Included in Apptio University is TBM Best Practice and Apptio product education. AAEP holders begin by completing 50 hours of self-paced and instructor-led education and then have the option of taking an  exam to become an accredited Apptio Recognized TBMA (RTBMA).


You can view the full learning path here.


We recommend that all new AAEP holders complete the foundation course of study within their first three months of working with Apptio. Self-paced content can be completed on the learner’s own schedule and we maintain a robust global schedule of instructor-led courses offered in easy to consume, 3-hour segments or less.


You can learn more about RTBMA accreditation here.


We’re so proud of our current RTBMA title holders. Check them out on our Wall of Fame.


What’s next after the Recognized TBMA title?


Elite TBMA Certification (ETBMA)

Organizations serious about protecting their Apptio investment and advancing their TBM initiative will ensure they have at least one in-house Elite TBMA.


Becoming ETBMA certified will require candidates to complete:

  • Recognized TBMA accreditation
  • Advanced coursework
  • An  examination
  • A hands-on product practical
  • The operation of at least 1 TBM process


We’re currently building the advanced courses that will support ETBMA and we’ll begin releasing these courses into the AAEP catalog in November of 2015.


After I've earned RTBMA and ETBMA is there any value in maintaining my AAEP subscription?



Yes! AAEP holders always have the benefit of ongoing access to education as the Apptio product evolves. Apptio University Instructors update their knowledge with each product release and self-paced content is refreshed with each significant change. In addition, new courses are added to the AAEP pool each quarter so there are new opportunities for TBMAs to advance their product skill or TBM knowledge for as long as their AAEP is active.


Beyond the comprehensive courses offered in the AAEP catalog, ETBMAs with valid AAEPs have access to the exclusive Elite series generated by some of the most experienced Apptio product and TBM professionals in the industry.