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If you are attending the TBM Conference in Chicago this month, you'll have the first opportunity to sample three new classes in the Apptio University Curriculum.  These courses are the next steps for TBMAs who have either taken Cost Transparency, Studio and Reporting classes. These courses will be available virtually through your AAEP if you are unable to attend them at the conference but as attendees, you'll be the first to see them. Here is a link to the Conference Agenda to see full descriptions of all the sessions including the Apptio Education Services classes.


The courses are:

Cost Transparency Foundation: Maintaining the Model

     Audience: TBMAs with a working, post-delivery, Cost Transparency Foundation model in Apptio (version 11.6 or greater).

    This course equips TBMAs with the practical knowledge needed to sustain a fully configured Cost Transparency model and project.      Through instructor presentations and system demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and content checkpoint questions, participants will      learn the processes and best practices associated with the project promotion process, user and role management, advanced time      settings, the audit log, upgrade compliance, data governance and quality, and allocation strategy improvement. The working model      reviewed in this session is OOB, with no custom configuration.  


Apptio University: Best Practices for a Successful Apptio Launch:

     Audience: TBMAs, TBM Project Teams, and Prospective Apptio Customers

     Wondering how you can increase adoption of Apptio within your organization? This session will give you ideas, tips, timelines, techniques and      sample artifacts for rolling out Apptio successfully in your organization. From internal marketing and socialization to role based end user training      on reports and processes, you’ll walk away with an armload of ideas and an organized approach that you can put into practice on Monday.


Apptio University: Advanced Reporting

     Audience: TBMAs with a working, post-delivery model in Apptio and experience modifying existing reports.

     This course expands on the elements taught in Apptio University’s Reporting 1 and Reporting 2. Participants will deep dive into how Global Filters      can be used to easily manage information displayed throughout the reporting surface. Through demonstrations and lab exercises, participants will      learn how to display specific model information via HTML components and how to control time via the individual properties of the report      component. Finally, participants will understand how to utilize groups to manage filter application on the reporting surface. The working model      reviewed in this session is OOB.



The whole Apptio Education Services team will be there so be sure to come up and introduce yourself to us.  We'd love to meet you in person.


Happy TBM Journeys!

The entire Apptio Education team