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Add a Report Collection Navigator to your Custom report.

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Sep 14, 2015

In our Reporting classes, you learned how to add your report to an existing Report Collection so it shows up in the Report Collection Navigator at the top of the Summary Reports.... In the example below, I've added my custom report  "Data Centers Cost Drivers" to the IT Management Report Collection.  When my users go to the Out of the box dashboards, they can also link to the custom report I created from that dashboard.  The bar where I added my report, is called a Report Collection Navigator.

But what if you want to add that Report Collection Navigator to YOUR custom report?  Well new in 11.8, if you have admin rights, you can do this. Just like anything else you want to add to your reports, you find the collection navigator on the Insert tab in the Reporting Ribbon. 

You'll start in the report where you want to add the Collection Navigator and click the button. If you have already assigned your report to a collection as I have, the Collection Navigator shows up fully populated in your report and you can just resize it to ensure all the report options are visible. You may also want to add some HTML text to indicate that it's part of the IT Management reports like the OOTB example above where it says IT Management.



If your report has not yet been assigned to a collection, you'll see an empty Collections Navigator which looks like this.


You simply assign your report to a Collection, and the Collection Navigator will be populated. As shown in the first example.


However, you may remember from class, that a report can belong to multiple collections... so what happens if I add a Collections Navigator to my report, and assign my report to more than one Collection?  Does the Navigator break?  No, in fact, what happens is you get a little drop down on the right-hand side of your Collections Navigator bar, that lets you choose which one you'd like to show.


I hope you find this trick helpful.  As always, please let me know what you think and feel free to send questions that I may be able to address in future posts.


As a side note: There are ways accomplish this same task if you are using an earlier version of Apptio.  You can either ask an Apptio person such as your CSM to add it to your first report, then copy and paste it from there to other reports.  Or you can copy the Collections Navigator from one of the Apptio Master Reports.  Just be careful not to modify the master reports.


Thanks for learning with Apptio University!



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