Debbie Hagen

How can I use dynamic HTML to reference drill details in report?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Sep 3, 2015

Have you ever written HTML and tried to get it to display something relevant to you report and it just doesn't work?  Why is that (assuming your HTML code is correct)? 


For example.... suppose I want my title block in my Drill report to display which location I've drilled into for details. 


First I added the following code to my HTML component...


I'm pretty confident my code is correct, but it only displays the text "Location" and not the value that I want it to retrieve.


The reason it's not working is because I haven't given the HTML component any context.  I need to go into the HTML Configuration dialog and tell it where to look for the "Location" information, as shown below. 

Once I do this, the HTML code is able to pull the correct value and display the Location to which I've drilled.  It's all about setting the context so that the HTML can access the correct information. 


If there are any topics you'd like me to cover in this blogpost, please feel free to let me know Debbie Hagen.