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How can I print the ATUM poster?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Aug 25, 2015

Hello there,

I've showed some of you how to access the Apptio Placemat/Poster in some of my classes but I understand some folks may be having difficulty printing it. In this blogpost I'd like to share some instructions that my colleague Joel DeWitt Joel DeWitt  sent along to the team.  Thanks Joel for this great information!


If you're thinking "Hey, I don't remember seeing any ATUM poster"  start here for a link to access it.

Below is a view of the "back side". It's a great thing to put up on your wall or use in discussions of ATUM as you are working with your team to align to the ATUM taxonomy.



Once you've downloaded the ATUM placemat you'll want to ensure that you are printing to a printer that can print to Tabloid (11x17) paper. The following steps will enable you to print it correctly.


Print the placemat on a printer capable of tabloid printing and use these settings:

  • Ensure the high resolution setting is enabled in the printer driver (If available)
  • When you click "Print" you will see the PDF settings shown below.
    • Use "actual size"
    • Check the "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size" checkbox
    • And "Flip on short edge" for the Print on both sides of paper setting.
  • You may also need to adjust the print driver's paper Size settings.



This way, you too can have a copy of the ATUM placemat.


Happy TBM Journeys!

deb Debbie Hagen