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What the heck is that "Many to Many" all about?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Aug 10, 2015

Hi there,

I often get asked about the Many to Many option that needs to be checked in order for your allocations to work correctly both in CTF and in our Studio courses.  Many to Many occurs when you have a model where your source and target object have duplicate entries in the unit identifier column.


Many to Many means that some of the fields in the Identifier column for one data set may have more than one match in the other data set. You can see this clearly if you look in your Summary Data table.  See how in the table below, I've searched on a specific  Unique Identifer.   And the values returned for the Fixed Asset Ledger ID are {Various}.  This means that for that Unique Identifier in the Cost Source Master Data set, there are multiple rows that match in the Fixed Asset Master Data set.



You can also see in the Assignment ratios table that $ from multiple rows in the Cost Source Master Data set are allocated to the Hyp-251 in the Fixed Assets object. This means that Hyp-251 had many matching rows in the Cost Source Master Data set.


Apptio allocations can definitely handle this type of matching as long as the Automatically create many to many relationship option is checked in the Selected Allocation pane.


I hope this helps you to better understand how the Many to Many option works in Apptio and when you need to select it.


Thanks for learning with Apptio Education Services.


Debbie Hagen