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How can I create a pop-up report?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jul 31, 2015

Here's a question I was asked in class this week so I thought I'd share it with all of you via community. Someone asked for a way to create a sub report or drill-to report that wouldn't require their report consumers to leave the original report they were working in to see additional detail.  Here is an example from the Cost Transparency Reports.  If you click on View in the IT Towers report as shown, it brings up a pop-up report that shows the IT Sub-Tower detail.



Good news, it's very easy to do.  You just create your drill to report as modal and it will display as a pop-up.  One caveat, it's best to completely build the report first and then use navigation to set it as modal.  Once it's set as modal, you can't edit the report unless you change it's setting to non-modal temporarily and navigate back to it.


Here is how you do it:

  1. Create and save your initial report (Report 1)
  2. Create and save your detail report (Report 1a the one you want to drill-to or have pop up)
  3. Now go back to Report 1 and select the column you want the users to choose a field from.  In the example above, it was the TX column.
  4. With that column high-lighted, go to the Ad Hoc Menu and choose Drill to bring up the Navigation dialog and select both the Enable Navigation and Open as Modal check boxes.

     5. Then Navigate to Report 1a (the report you want as a pop up) and Save.

     6. Go back to your original report (Report 1) and click on one of the options in the column where you set up your drill-to.  Report 1a will open as a          pop-up or Modal report.


Let me know if you find this capability useful.


Thanks for learning with Apptio Education Services!

Debbie Hagen.