It's Easy When You Know How

Blog Post created by rhonda Employee on Jul 28, 2015

Have you ever seen these tiny little IT departments...



Actually most people call these "Fiendish Puzzles" but "IT department" also works ;-). Each puzzle is made up of multiple pieces and at first, it's really hard to get the pieces apart...sort of like the business of IT. You know there are all kinds of components that come together to make up IT cost but when you try to peel that cost apart and understand the pieces, they seem locked together, just like these puzzles.


Most of the puzzles are locked so tight you'll try a lot of things to open them: brute strength, sorcery, excel spreadsheets, but when you finally arrive at the answer, you'll wonder why you weren't doing it that way all along. Once you know how to get one of these puzzles apart, it's actually really, really easy and you can do it over and over again.


That's the kind of juice our Recognized TBMAs have. Armed with Apptio, they've learned the skills to dismantle the puzzle that is IT Cost. They can understand the pieces that make up the whole and can communicate the value of each component. I'm so sure of this, I'm dropping something in the mail for our initial Recognized TBMAs.



No advance warning, just a box with one of these puzzles inside and a link to this blog post.


If you're reading this post because you've just received one of these boxes... Hi :-)

First of all, you're awesome and I so appreciate that you've earned the Recognized TBMA title.

Your coworkers need a way to understand the challenges you face and skills that you have acquired to overcome them.

So let's do this:



The next time you have to explain what TBM is or what you do as a TBMA, you'll have a mini-IT Department to help you demonstrate. If you're game, thanks so much for playing along and I can't wait to hear from you. We have some Recognized TBMAs on the Education Services team, so we've cracked a few of these puzzles ourselves. Here's some beginners info...


First, every puzzle has multiple pieces, you know this either because I just told you or because you can sometimes just tell, like the the "Laby" puzzle,


clearly 2 pieces.


This one is also 2 pieces.



The others are 3 pieces.

Just like Apptio begins with identifying your data, to solve these puzzles, identify your pieces

and again, just like with Apptio, your identification doesn't have to be perfect, just get a sense for where the big chunks start and stop.

Then you can start to figure out how to move the pieces apart.


I couldn't do that for this one,

"The Vortex"..


There's a hole in my office window the exact same shape.

But, If I were a Recognized TBMA, and if I still had my puzzle,

I could probably get it into these three pieces.


I didn't send the frustration that is Vortex to anyone but if you feel up for the challenge,

if you operate "Elite TBMA style"

(which is the second title we're releasing end of year)

then let me know in the comments. I'll send the Vortex to the first few people who make a request.