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Can I label my allocation lines?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jul 21, 2015

Students often ask me if there is a way to put labels on their allocation lines to help indicate what goes into those allocations.  The answer, is that yes, you can label your allocation lines.  Read the brief post below to find out how.



When you add an allocation line to your model, it automatically displays the allocation percentage on the line, but there isn't a great indication of what is represented in that allocation.  And what if you have two allocations between the same two objects?  How do you know how it's split while looking at the model?


Here is an example of what it looks like by default. The allocations between Cost Source and Labor are split between Fixed and Variable but all you see is percentages


Suppose you want to label the lines to indicate which is Fixed and which is Variable just by looking at your model. 

To do this you need to select the receiving object, in this case Labor. Then click on the Drivers tab to view all of the drivers that are feeding that object.


Next select the driver you'd like to label... In this case, I know that my "Fixed" values are in the Cost Source driver that has 22% allocated and my "Variable" values are in Cost Source_1 which is 25% allocated.   I'll click on the word balloon for the Cost Source driver which brings up the Set Visual Format dialog.  I'll enter the value "Fixed" into that field and click OK.



After labeling both drivers, my model will displays both the Allocation percentage and the labels that I added.



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Debbie Hagen