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Ever wondered what the "Values not currently shown" in the report filters does?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jul 16, 2015

When you are adding filters to your reports, there is a (Values not currently shown) option at the end of each list of filter options - shown below.   Have you ever wondered what it does?

Values not currently shown enables you to include values to your report components in the future, that don't exist in the current time period.  If you uncheck it, it will not include those future values.


Here is an example:


In January you have values:



Values not currently shown


In February you might have:





If you leave the box checked, and are viewing the report in February, it would automatically include fish and squirrel values in your report component and in the Edit Filter dialog list.   But if you have Values currently not shown set in the Edit Filter dialog, then the fish and squirrel values would be automatically unchecked in the dialog and would therefore not be represented on your report component.


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Thanks to Mark Nealey for the example!