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HOW TO: The values in my chart aren't in the right order.  How can I fix them?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jul 2, 2015

This question came up in one of my classes recently and I thought I'd share the answer more broadly than just to that class.


The problem:

I created a chart in Apptio and my Columns show up in order of "value" (most costly to least), but I want them to show up in order based on their names.

The solution:

Use the Sort option on the Data Tab in Apptio to specify which field Apptio should use to sort the report, as well as the order in which you want them sorted.

Voila! This results in my Storage tiers being sorted in Ascending order:


As you can see in the picture below, you can specify the sort order for your fields and define each as ascending vs descending.  In this table, I've told it first to sort by Tier, in ascending order, then by Cost from highest to lowest. 

The data is grouped by Location because I have placed Location above Tier in my Ad Hoc Query Configuration dialog.


Thanks for learning with Apptio University!

Debbie Hagen