Blog Post created by rhonda Employee on Apr 23, 2015

[March 15, 2018 update: For a full list of short videos visit Apptio Products Video Catalog ]


Information distilled and delivered quickly is the norm. Your entire LinkedIn, news, or Facebook feed is full of "5 reasons" and "3 things". I suspect we're clicking on this stuff less and less, but when we do actually read these articles (well at least the words in bold) we typically exit them unchanged. Aside from being a few minutes older, we are the same as we were before we read them.


While delivering fast and disposable content is ubiquitous today, it's not a new practice.

It's just that now we don't even get a piece of gum to make it better.



...and now you're 2 second's older, sorry about that.


So telling you that Apptio University has courses you can consume quickly isn't worth a blog post. Everything is fast now. But courses that are quick AND actually useful - that's liquid gold and we've injected it into every one of our SPARKS. No stale gum required.


SPARKS are videos that teach TBMAs a new skill or help them troubleshoot like a pro in 15 minutes or less.


We have close to 50 SPARKS in Apptio U. I've included a current list below. Consider bookmarking this page because I'll keep the list up to date as we add more. If you see a course you'd like to view, login to Apptio U and select it from the SPARKS library.


Like all Appto U content, accessing SPARKS requires an AAEP but if we get enough requests, we'll put a few of these on Apptio Community so that everyone can have a taste. If there's one you'd like to see posted to Community, let me know in the comments.



  • Allocations
    • View Cost Allocation Strategies
    • Add comments to columns and allocations
    • Review model allocations
    • Tags in Apptio
    • Assignment Ratios
  • Data
    • Create and apply a data freshness rule
    • Copy Data Within and Between Projects

    • Common Data Issues

    • Best Practices for Uploading Data

    • How to use the Data Quality Owner Dashboard
    • Create a new data set filter
    • Generated and Transform Tables
    • Data management
  • Functions
    • Use the Nested "If" Function
    • Use the Lookup Function
    • Three Time Functions
    • Table Match
  • Projects
  • Reports
    • Create a report component based on a transform
    • Export and print reports
    • Secure a Report
    • Build a Unit Rate Report
    • Manage Report Collections

    • Edit Master Reports

    • Add a column total to a table in a report
    • Specify Custom Navigation for a Report
    • Create an overlay chart
    • Waterfall Charts
    • Add a built-in formula column
    • Change the breadcrumbs
    • Use of Perspectives
    • Use Slicers with Group Boxes
    • Highlight Cells Using the Ribbon
    • Define HTML Components
    • Create a Custom Perspective
    • Control the visibility of a tab
    • Conditional font colors and HTML
    • Adding a Rate Column
    • Use the Apptio PowerPoint Plug-in
    • Download a chart to PowerPoint
    • Add a note to a report and change its contents in different months
  • Tables
    • Use Map Table

  • TBM
  • Troubleshooting
  • Users
    • Change a user's permissions
    • Add a new user


P.S. If you're wondering if SPARKS is an acronym...of course it is. We'd be booted out of the tech industry otherwise. But I'll let you speculate on the words that comprise SPARKS. Put your best guess in the comments. Entertaining and unlikely answers encouraged ;-)