Existing Course: TBM Success: Roadmap

Blog Post created by SWallner@apptio.com Employee on Apr 20, 2015


If you are like me, you rely heavily on you smartphone GPS to get you to your desired destination, especially if where you are going is new to you. Without those step by step directions, I’m a driver on a road to nowhere, fraught with frustration and anxiety. With the map, I’m relaxed, prepared, know how long it will take, and aware of potential obstacles. Like that GPS readout, a roadmap is simply a detailed plan to guide progress toward a goal. A TBM Roadmap serves as both a planning artifact and a communication tool illustrating how incremental value will be achieved with the TBM Initiatives set forth. Having a TBM Roadmap is one of the six Hallmarks of Success for TBM adoption and your Apptio Customer Success representative has the resources and skills to partner with you in the construction of this important document. In this short course, familiarize yourself with the process for constructing a roadmap and watch our friends at ABC Financials work with their CSM to identify their TBM initiatives, detail important information about each initiative, and plot those initiatives on the roadmap. Special thanks to Joe Plantenberg for contributing his Apptio expertise.


Length: 15 minutes


Format: Web based training


Audience: Anyone interested in Apptio or TBM


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Explorer series of the Recognized TBMA Title.